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11075225_10202757889228520_1596454896247157931_nA running joke among my friends is that my life would make a damned good reality show. There’d even be enough material for multiple seasons, easily.

I chose to start a blog instead.

I live like many middle-class families in America. But like onions and ogres (according to Shrek) I have “layers”—each one more complicated than the next. On the surface I live a typical life. Yeah. Lots of layers.

I suspect, though, that every family has its own layers grown through success and failure, joy and sorrow, pride and shame. If you’re anything like I was, the outside looks status quo and stays tough enough to withstand challenges. God forbid anyone see underneath. Despite my best efforts to stay unpeeled, however, God carved away that top layer. I’d never do it on my own.

11109431_10203126319279041_4691586053237187854_nBeing dissected is painful. But as each layer is exposed, I’m learning how to love those hidden parts and finding freedom in their unveiling.

I started this blog because I thought there might be other onions like mine. Other families struggling with peeling layers or maybe even layers still hidden. I’m writing for all of us. And that’s a hell of a lot better than reality T.V.

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